Communities of color building the future of Washington State

Washington Community Alliance is a statewide coalition of organizations and tribes led by and working in communities of color.

We organize to close the representation gap for people of color in elected office, and to make the systemic changes we need for Black and Brown communities to share in the prosperity all of us build.

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We got Washington counted.

Now we’re making sure everyone counts.

Our work

We launched an unprecedented relational organizing campaign to ensure historically undercounted communities were counted in the 2020 Census. Now, our statewide coalition is working to make Washington State a true, representative multiracial democracy where everyone counts.

Our 2022 legislative priorities
A group of 20 people of multiple races together in a conference room

Strong statewide coalition

By joining together, we harness the power of each of our communities to fight for all of our communities.

Leadership development

We support our community organizations and trusted messengers, so they can take the lead in creating change for their community.

Two people wearing masks and smiling
A panel of seven people of multiple races speaking on a stage

Capacity building

We’re building a hub for research, tools, and resources for our organizations to grow their work and get their new projects off the ground.

Policy advocacy and systems change

We fight for lasting policy change in our political and economic system that prioritizes working class communities of color.

A woman in the agriculture industry wears a mask that says "Censo 2020" while working in an apple tree
Three Asian American people smile in front of the WA State Capitol Building

Political power and representation

We support leaders of color and organize to close the representation gap at every level of government in Washington State.

Colored border line

Featured stories

July 29, 2022

WCA NEWSLETTER—It’s primaries. That means you need to cast your vote by August 2! Make sure you check in on your friends and family so they do the same!

Speaking of primaries, our communications arm did some in-depth research on all of the 300+ legislative candidates, and all of the Secretary of State ones and a good chunk of the prosecutors. There were some troubling findings. Namely…

August 15, 2022

WCA NEWSLETTER—Some of you have sent in excellent questions and we want to be sure we provide answers to them. Plus, we wanted to give you a quick overview of monkeypox, given recent outbreaks. Let’s go over vaccine safety, preventing spread at home, and the monkeypox…

July 14, 2022

AXIOS—City Council member Andrew Lewis, who sponsored the measure to put ranked-choice voting on the ballot, said at Thursday’s council meeting he wanted to allow voters “to choose the election form that is more broadly adopted across the United States,” as opposed to the “sparsely adopted” approval voting.

Critics of approval voting say it would allow the whiter, wealthier voters who take part in the low-turnout August primary to have an outsized say…

Our members

Over 90 organizations and tribes, led by and working in communities of color, came together from across Washington State to form Washington Community Alliance.