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Thinking Astrologically

By February 8, 2024Blog
Graphic for The Tally blog titled "Thinking Astrologically" with a photo of an astrological tool and crystals in the background.


Welcome to week four! Yesterday was the first cutoff and we are feeling ✨ enlightened ✨ since all of our Top Eleven made it through! Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, we said eleven. We added a NEW priority to our list thanks to ACLU-WA and the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability.

On the other side of cutoff, however, we’re seeing some of our bills slow down in Rules and fiscal committees. Be sure you’re connecting with your legislator throughout session to remind them why these bills matter to you. Especially if your legislator is on House or Senate RulesHouse Appropriations, or Senate Ways & Means!

🌟 It’s in the stars 🌟

As you know, at WCA, we are a data-driven organization. We’ve found the astrological sun signs for many of our committee chairs and are here to break down the age-old question: “Why are you like that??”

In case you’re unfamiliar, astrology is considered to be the relationship between celestial bodies and events here on Earth. Therefore, the placement of celestial bodies in the sky, like the sun, is believed to influence the ways we show up in the world, are perceived by others, and even our workplace habits.

Does it tell us who is going to win the 2024 General Election?! No, but it’s still fun.

♏ Sen. Lisa Wellman (D-41) – Scorpio

  • Scorpios are assumed to be cunning and vengeful, however, Scorpios can also be fiercely loyal defenders of those they love. Wellman exemplifies a Scorpio who knows their own courage and power, throwing herself into education policy for Washington state. She leads the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee and supported Free School Meals last year. Sen. Wellman’s committee just heard our Universal Free School Meals bill on Monday but did not pass it out of committee before cutoff. So what’s up with that?? You could probably blame it on the Scorpio in her waiting for just the right moment before she strikes. But if you ask her, the excuse is more likely to be money.

♈ Rep. Bill Ramos (D-05) – Aries

  • Aries are self-sufficient and leaders of the pack. They can rally folks together to overcome the worst odds and are your best bet when you need someone to help you kickstart a new project. You might keep that in mind when you need your next legislative champion. Rep. Ramos is also one-half of an East King County political power couple alongside his wife King County Councilmember Sarah Perry. With that kind of power under one roof, it tracks that he’s a fire sign and an Aries.

♍️ Sen. Claire Wilson (D-30) – Virgo

  • If you have ever seen Sen. Wilson’s calendar, you know she’s a Virgo. As the Chair of the Senate Human Services Committee, she has been a champion for those in need and continuously comes back to her roots in the community. Virgos are typically reserved and introverted but conversation with Sen. Wilson is never dull, always engaging, and deep. However, you see the Virgo pop out in Wilson’s sense of purpose and achievement as she is always happy to tell you about what she’s working on in the Senate right now.

♋️ Sen. June Robinson (D-38) – Cancer

  • If you’ve ever worked with Sen. Robinson you may not have gotten a good read on if she likes you or not. That’s probably because she’s a Cancer so while she can get along with almost anyone, she may still come off cold to those she isn’t comfortable around. Which makes her an interesting fit to serve as Chair of Senate Ways & Means. Even when people are stressing out around her, she knows when to get involved and when to keep her hands out of it. Cancers are known for seeking safety, comfort, and security which means they can be resistant to change. Sen. Robinson has yet to resist change, but time will tell how she uses her chairship to advance or hinder progress on W&M.

♋️ Rep. Timm Ormsby (D-03) – Cancer

  • Cancers are known for their nurturing, caring nature. But when it comes to Ormsby, he’s used his House Appropriations chairship to prevent policies that take care of our communities, really acting out Cancer’s aversion to change, clinging to only that which is familiar and expected. We’d love to see Ormsby embrace the softy within and make 2024 the year of community-centered fiscal policymaking.

♓️ Rep. April Berg (D-44) – Pisces

  • Rep. Berg is a Pisces and if you have ever met her and know the vibe of a water sign, you already know that. Why do you think the Finance committee has such beautiful energy that does not give classic stodgy fiscal committee vibes whatsoever?! Pisces are known for being dreamy, soft-hearted, intuitive, and sensitive but can use each trait as a strength. No wonder a visionary like Berg is a Pisces, she consistently recognizes value in people, places, and stories that are devalued by others. Also, she’s vegan so that should have been your first clue.

♐️ Sen. T’wina Nobles (D-28) – Sagittarius

  • If you follow Sen. Nobles on Instagram you may have suspected she’s a fire sign and you would be correct. I mean, in 2023 she was named one of the region’s top 25 most influential people by Seattle Magazine! If Sen. Nobles’ luxury vacay photos and her awards on awards weren’t enough to convince you she’s an absolute Sag, consider the fact that not only is she a State Senator, but she also leads both the Urban League of Tacoma and the Black Future Co-op Fund. Sag Queen sh*t. 👑

♋️ Sen. Marko Liias (D-21) – Cancer

  • No wonder he’s such a softy for the human experience of taking public transit with friends and neighbors. Sen. Liias brings the youthful, equity-centered energy of a Cancer to the Senate Transportation Committee. He even grew up in the same district he has made his home and serves, showing he has the classic Cancer sentimentality for people and places. But watch out for a Cancer’s ability to hold a grudge and be the most stubborn person you may ever meet.

♐️ Rep. Jamila Taylor (D-30) – Sagittarius

  • Like totally. Not only does Rep. Taylor already have a badass reputation that is worthy of the Sag title, but she also adapted the antiquated Olympia karaoke tradition into a lip-sync battle event. Taylor also has that typical contagious Sag energy and adventurous spirit—especially when it comes to progressive policymaking.

♎️ Sen. Joe Nguyen (D-34) – Libra

  • Libras love balance, equality, and justice. We definitely see that in Sen. Nguyen. Although he is the chair of the Senate Environment, Energy, and Technology Committee, Sen. Nguyen still regularly champions economic justice policies like the Wealth Tax, our Unemployment Insurance for All bill, and more. His pragmatic approach and progressive ideals earned him a vice chair seat in the Senate Ways & Means Committee where he could truly bring balance to our state’s economy and tax code for the first time ever.


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