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The Community Whip Count And Actions

By January 19, 2022March 3rd, 2022Blog


Now that you know our priority bills, we’ve set up a tool for transparency, accountability, and accessibility to the otherwise gatekeeping system that is the legislative process.

That is to say, there’s messaging, there’s background, there’s resources, there’s actions, always updated, all in one space for each. of. the. bills. Folks, we bring you (drum roll please), The Community Whip Count.

It’s high time Washington residents know, with proof, whether their legislator actively supports or opposes the improvement of their lives. So this tool also tracks proof of stances and votes. Be sure to let folks know about it!

Also, before you dive into committee this, proviso that, don’t forget that we prepared a refresher on how a bill becomes a law (0️⃣ – 8️⃣, ☠️ & 💪 – iykyk).

What do you think? Have any questions? Tweet us your thoughts @wacommalliance. Keep up with the action and opportunities to get involved with our legislative newsletter The Tally.