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9 of the most powerful people in Seattle in 2022

By December 10, 2022January 5th, 2023News


We skipped some of the obvious choices — like the mayor, the governor and county executive — to highlight people who are shaping the city in more subtle but powerful ways.

A note on methodology: Axios Local’s power players are influential people who’ve made an impact in their community in 2022. Our reporters made selections based on their own expertise and through a reader poll and interviews with influential people. The unscientific list is produced entirely by the Axios Local editorial team and is not influenced by advertising in any way.

Kamau Chege

Kamau Chege, executive director of Washington Community Alliance, doesn’t often take credit for major policy wins, instead citing others who help make change happen.

  • Yes, but: He’s established himself as one of the state’s leading advocates for progressive policies — a reputation he’s been building since high school, when he helped push Washington lawmakers to extend state financial aid to undocumented immigrant students.

Biggest moves of 2022: This year, Chege was a leader in the effort to put ranked-choice voting on Seattle’s ballot — a measure that narrowly passed, changing the future of voting in the city.

What we’re watching: Whether the Legislature will allow more local jurisdictions to adopt ranked-choice voting, a change Chege and his allies are seeking…