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3 activists on the future of the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle

By July 8, 2020February 16th, 2021News


It’s been six weeks since protests started in Seattle, after the police killing of George Floyd. Now leaders of the local movement for racial justice are calling for changes to combat police brutality and systemic racism. Here’s what they see next.

Among the many thousands in the streets and online who are pushing for change, three people heralding the movement in the Northwest: Ibijoke Idowu-Holiday, Dr. Estell Williams, Kamau Chege.

Chege is the director at the Washington Census Alliance. He’s also a DACA recipient, or a Dreamer, who came to the U.S. from Kenya at age 6.

Chege has been working with a new statewide coalition called Washington for Black Lives. It’s still in its early planning phases but their goals echo those of many Seattle protesters: reduce police funding, demilitarize the police, and invest in Black and brown communities in the state.

“I think there needs to be a comprehensive reconstruction agenda that comes out of this.”

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