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Candidate analysis and job opportunities!

By July 29, 2022August 5th, 2022Blog

Friends — It’s primaries. That means you need to cast your vote by August 2! Make sure you check in on your friends and family so they do the same!

Speaking of primaries, our communications arm did some in-depth research on all of the 300+ legislative candidates, and all of the Secretary of State ones and a good chunk of the prosecutors. There were some troubling findings. Namely, that the GOP either out-organized or out-emboldened (or both) Democrats, by almost twice as much. That’s indicative of a number of problems, whether it be on the ground or in background processes.

But enough with the Parties. What happens when we, as voters, are torn between voting for the candidate we really want and voting for the candidate that’s fine but more likely to win? Well, some voters might not be forced to calculate it out in their head much longer. The City of Seattle joined Clark and San Juan counties in putting ranked-choice voting (RCV) to the voters, so they can choose if they would like their own, more democratic voting system!

A big shout out to all of the folks who engaged with the calls to action around Seattle RCV earlier this month. Together with Washington for Equitable Representation, we succeeded! So much so that it didn’t take 3 separate meetings for the Council to decide to put it on the ballot, but only 2!

Speaking of Seattle, Redistricting Justice for Washington’s Seattle coalition really put heads together to propose a map that centers equity—resulting from over 4 months of mapping sessions with over 200 Seattleites and over 20 community-based organizations. Truly humbling to watch Andrew Hong do such great community organizing.

In other news, some opportunities have come up that you should know about:

That’s all for now, folks!

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